Website UE

What is Website User Experience?

Website user experience is how an individual reacts when visiting a site, taking into account everything they see and hear and how they interact with the platform. This blog describes how detailed analysis of user experience is necessary when creating a website to identify any problems that may stop a reader from visiting that site again. A key indicator is repeat visitors; if people are not returning, there is an issue. The conversion rate should also be considered. For example, suppose people are visiting but not purchasing. In that case, it could be a navigation problem or thin content leading to a poor user experience.

Use Only Basic Fonts on a Website

27 May 2022

When building a website, many designers make the mistake of using fancy fonts, thinking that they look more appealing. However, the opposite is true, and trying to decipher a curly font is not a good user experience. This is particularly true when viewing the site on mobile.

Why Website Navigation Matters

19 Apr 2022

Being able to navigate a website with ease is a clear indication of a good user experience. A visitor should actually be able to find what they are searching for without having to scroll endlessly through irrelevant web pages. Therefore, having a categorised top menu is the best idea.

Choosing Colours for a Website

12 Mar 2022

Adding colour to a website is not as easy as it may seem. The trick is to use no more than three compatible colours. Having too many different colours can be distracting and lead to a poor user experience. Black font on a white background is ideal.